Well…… nothing I state here will be good for anyone, but it seems that wrong-doers can still put on a heap of makeup, a great act, share a few beers and sell lines of BS to the masses. As Sheree manages this page, it will undoubtedly be cleaned up in seconds to help her save face, and if you’re already sold on her Bull$hit, you won’t believe a word I say or print here. That’s OK, as this page has been primarily used as a “Hate Benaraby” campaign site – quite the contrary of it’s namesake.
Firstly, YES, Sheree at one point was quite helpful to our club – in numerous ways. All went instantly pear-shaped though when she asked me “the president” to give away free race nominations to other valuable volunteers. Whilst in principle it seems like a great idea, it is NOT. In fact, I suspect it may be one of the things that not only cost our club thousands of dollars over the years, but also incited inequality, unfairness, mates rates, free bar drinking, free food vending, bickering, etc, etc…. It is also the absolute nightmare of any management team and thus NOT a good idea whilst I was the President. I simply asked to have a chat with her after this suggestion. Instead she bolted without a “goodbye” after that meet and began to gather troops to “Take me down” – words that she actually told people. This was also the END of ALL volunteer efforts by her to help the club.
- Although she appeared to be helping promote our track and the Nostalgic Bike bracket, she openly used the word “FUCK” directly under the sponsors own name on a public advert, and argued the cleaning of said statement rather than simply doing the right thing. This sponsor was aware and NOT IMPRESSED, and had to be assured that this person was NO LONGER involved in the club before he would pledge further sponsorship this year.
- These sponsors get 6 VIP passes to our facility as part of their paid package. I gave these directly to Sheree to take to the sponsor that she had landed last year. Later in the year, I took two of these passes off of Paul’s kids at the gate. Only then did I realise that she had not given ANY of them to the sponsor as was intended. When questioned and directed by Casey to return them, she only handed in 5 of the 6 passes. This was at the end of the year, so the sponsor NEVER got a chance to use or share them. A promise made in writing by our club management as part of their sponsorship agreement.
- In her valiant efforts to misguide as many club members as possible, she repeatedly asked ME to give her the names, addresses, phone numbers and dates of births of EVERY SINGLE MEMBER of our club. I immediately told her that was totally inappropriate, and she constantly insisted it was “as per our constitution” which it most certainly IS NOT, and is illegal and immoral in every country. However, at one point in time I was sharing website csv files with Sheree in part of her effort to reduce time spent in the tower to input racer details(a great idea in fact). I had always “cleaned” these files so it did not include so much personal information. However, for All Bikes I got in a hurry and did not clean the files properly. She eventually figured out that she had this file and was able to contact numerous members without their consent to perpetrate her own agenda.
- She used these email addresses to send our club members misleading information regarding the voting process for our club’s AGM, in fact directing members to send their proxy votes to HER instead of to our club secretary as was officially directed by the club to it’s members through email and social media public announcements. Several members were also “Proxied” by her on their behalf without their consent. As the committee and myself were well onto this, NO votes were accepted that did NOT come through the proper channels to our club secretary as directed by our constitution.
- Leading up to the AGM, she found it quite difficult to get an honest group of great members to take on the challenges that my team had been overcoming for the last three years. I believe they also did not necessarily want to be the new team that caught all the BS that they were currently putting on our team. She literally contrived the idea that they could create a “Fake” committee that could instantly resign, leaving her and two others in power of the entire club. This information was public to the entire group that was eventually formed to make the fake committee, and only one cared to bring it to the attention of the club management at the time.
- Leading up to the AGM, whilst she had created immense tensions throughout the entire club, pit areas, and membership, she gained unauthorised access to our Race Control Tower and placed her own personal password on ALL of the Race computers upstairs without permission or notification to club management. This was a direct attempt to plan a staged “Walkout of tower staff” in an effort to paralyse Benaraby Dragway and it’s current management if we did not bow to their demands. Management had to use club funds to plan a defence for this potential action, and it would have been even more costly had this disgusting act been pulled. I personally trained myself and a few others how to operate the basic system so that we could possibly work through such a tragedy if required.
- And just so you understand the delusional workings of this person you all revere so highly, when I had a personal discussion with her about the need for track repairs and the costs associated with such…. with a deadly straight face she told me that “she had a great working relation with ANDRA and we could simply borrow the money for repairs from ANDRA”. I have personally dealt with ANDRA over 4-5 years now, and on a very professional and detailed level. Never did they ever mention or even hint to the tiniest possibility of funding any of our numerous repairs. They were very well aware of the challenges we faced, as I let them know in detail. Such a ludicrous statement cracked me up, but she was serious. Seriously delusional, and selling her BS to everyone that would buy it.
- Lastly, grasping for straws, after telling numerous members that “They had well over 120 members on their side and were going to win this election hands down”, she started the rumours that we (the committee) were run by a bikie gang. To be honest, a very large portion of the members of the CQDRA Management Committee do happen to ALSO belong to a Social Motorcycle Club. We have been members of this SMC for 2, 5, and 18 years, and therefore most of us were in “That” club well before ever stepping up to help shape up Benaraby through our works as a Management Committee. We are generous people. We are honest people. We are hard-working people. We communicate. We care. We party……. And yes, we own and ride Harley Davidson motorcycles. This is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, one of our long time sponsors sells Harley Davidson motorcycles, and HALF of us have purchased from them!! Not for influence. Not for power. Not for association. Not for control of CQDRA. We don’t wear our “other club” vests at Benaraby to “Represent”. Our “other club” doesn’t have meetings to discuss the management of Benaraby. It has nothing to do with Benaraby Dragway, but she used every last breath to whisper these rumours to ANYONE in an attempt to incite distrust in the current committee and trick people into voting for her fake committee to gain access to the $160K so vigorously saved by our committee for use in extensive track upgrades. In fact, in the days nearing the AGM, she shamelessly insisted that we DO NOT plan or pay for any repairs, as she wanted that money to sit tight in the club account so she could legally gain access to it after a takeover of the committee.

Why have we(the club or committee) or myself not previously explained all of these things to the members, or the general public?
There is nothing to gain in the way of positive support, membership, sponsorship or improved racer numbers by telling the whole world what a shitshow we have had to deal with. FACT – real membership is currently being avoided by some good people because they were sickened by the political tactics that took place late last year. Some racers are literally paying more to race as a non-member in an effort to avoid being approached by “Her” throughout the year – trying to do it all over again. I literally do not blame them, and we can literally do nothing to improve the damaged situation. We can however try to prevent a repeat of that nonsense by keeping the club clear of that kind of immoral people. I stand by the processes of our committee and the actions we have had to take along the way. I also stand by the wording of our constitution and the laws of the state of Queensland. These words and laws will not suit wrong-doers, and that is for a reason.

I hope you were able to screenshot all of this and save all the pictures you could. If you were unable, please feel free to msg me for a personal copy if you so desire.
I do hope this gets deleted from your sappy page (after you save a copy), because your page allows the public to access all these foul opinions and shit-fighting about Benaraby – NON of which sells tickets to the place.
I truly like to see the real nostalgia and great memories on this page, but it is 99% salted with hatred and crap about the facility and it’s very successful management, and it is NOT monitored or moderated with the best interests of Benaraby at all.
Nuff said. Enjoy