Downloadable 2020 Entry Form


The new online submission form works a treat, but if you still like to have the PDF form in hand, you can download this, fill it out, and email it back to¬† Be sure you write DRAGWAY………NOT RACEWAY, and don’t let your computer or phone accidentally use RACEWAY!
PLEASE NOTE – Emailing the form in 6 days before a Championship Round Qualifies as “Pre-nomming”
If you put your bank details on the form, or make a Direct Deposit(6 days prior), you earn ALL FOUR (4) points for pre-nomming.
If you email the form 6 days prior to the Championship Round, but elect to “Pay on the Day”, you will earn TWO (2) points for pre-nomming.
If you use the Online Submission Form(six days prior) and tick the box “Pay Offline”, you will be eligible for only TWO (2) points for pre-nomming.
Save the coin, and either pay online, or complete your banking details on this form and return it 6 days prior to the Round.
NOTE: Admins do not actually charge your card until the Friday of the Off-Street meet before the Championship round.
2020 entry form