Downloadable 2020 Entry Form


The new online submission form works a treat, but if you still like to have the PDF form in hand, you can download this, fill it out, and email it back to  Be sure you write DRAGWAY………NOT RACEWAY, and don’t let your computer or phone accidentally use RACEWAY!
PLEASE NOTE – Emailing the form in 6 days before a Championship Round Qualifies as “Pre-nomming”
If you put your bank details on the form, or make a Direct Deposit(6 days prior), you earn ALL FOUR (4) points for pre-nomming.
If you email the form 6 days prior to the Championship Round, but elect to “Pay on the Day”, you will earn TWO (2) points for pre-nomming.
If you use the Online Submission Form(six days prior) and tick the box “Pay Offline”, you will be eligible for only TWO (2) points for pre-nomming.
Save the coin, and either pay online, or complete your banking details on this form and return it 6 days prior to the Round.
NOTE: Admins do not actually charge your card until the Friday of the Off-Street meet before the Championship round.
2020 entry form