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Racers new and old are finding ways to go faster and get-r-done quicker!


The ONLINE NOMINATION system is here to help us ALL do just that 🙂

Although these are a bit of effort to manage on something as small as a phone, it CAN be done.

It is quite easy to do them on a PC or tablet of any sort.


The one thing that seems to catch people out is the PayPal payment at the bottom of the forms.

You DO NOT have to have a PayPal account in order to complete these transactions.

Once you click “SUBMIT”, it will take you to PayPal, who will then happily accept your Credit or Debit card.

A few helpful pics are attached below – to guide you through the PayPal portal.


Below are a few of the most common nomination forms.

Please try to use them as much as possible, as this streamlines our payment process, as well as the time required in the office on race day.

We want you ON THE TRACK, not in the donga filling out paperwork 🙂


This form covers Friday Off-Street meets, Championship Rounds, and Come & Try Days


This form is for joining the team of CQDRA, and then gets you better pricing on ALL race nominations throughout the year


This form is the clean and simple version, just for Come & Try Days – so new people are NOT overwhelmed with data their first time


This form is specifically for the ALL BIKES meet. Other special meets will get a dedicated form as well. Stay Tuned!


And let me please put this note to the racers………… If you are unsure of whether you are going to be at the track, or unsure of the weather, or just like to pay on the day in order to keep from losing your hard earned money…… WE can instantly refund a portion of or complete nomination fees through PayPal. We are happy to do this for you, in exchange for your easy/early online payment.

This just saves time in the office, and makes life easier for all administration staff/volunteers.


Also below are a series of daggy screenshots.

Each has valuable tips and data on it to guide you through the process.

Some people get it dead right the very first time. If you do not, we are happy to help you through the process.

If you struggle at home to nominate online, rather than do the old paper forms, our friendly office staff will walk you right through the process on your own phone, or our track tablet in order to familiarize you with the process.



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