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This thread is to give the above listed people a voice.



If you become more “Problem” than “Solution”, I will simply erase your existence here – dictator style 🙂

This topic is on here, rather than FB, because we can better keep track of it in here, and it cannot be deleted by some KNOB that wants to try to report any opinion that doesn’t suit them.

First of all, I want to sincerely thank ALL of the track staff and volunteers that do all the real work behind the scenes and on the front lines at Benaraby Dragway!  Without all of your efforts, we would never have any race meets.

This year has really shaped up good, considering the rain out in February. The Come & Try days have seen many new people pop in to get a taste of the action, a great number of which signed up for the points series already.

The general attitudes around the place have been great. There has been much communication, improvements and positive ideas bouncing around.

I am really pleased with the results so far, and will be proud to show our facility/venue/results to the world at the end of this year/season.

This last meet was crazy – to say the least. Some of my best mates lodged formal complaints…… saying the ambo got more passes down the track than they did!  LOL

Despite all the crazy shit going down, OUR people handled themselves superbly! I never had any doubts that the right people were put to task to run the show.

Leading up to the meet was a lot of uncertainty, about this stupid viral crap. I’m disappointed in the way the world is turning. I don’t personally believe the hype. I may be right. I may be wrong. That is not the point of this post though. I was extremely determined to make that meet happen. So much effort had gone in, by myself, my partner, admins, advertisers, sponsors, racers, vendors… you name it. We all had skin in the game. All for my own interest, I would have hammered to make it happen….but then I got so many messages from racers begging me not to cancel the event. That made me want more than anything to make it happen!

It was super easy to follow the current guidelines, and easy as to monitor the numbers both days. We made occasional announcements on FB just to keep the public aware of our situation. Spectators and racers alike kept messaging to make sure it was OK to head that way and not get turned away. FYI – Here’s the TOTAL numbers through the gate……202 on Friday, and 364 on Saturday – ALL inclusive.


We are watching the news and following the latest dramas. I don’t currently have anything in writing that says we CANNOT operate the April meet.

I for one have NO issue with this overpaid internet sensation virus. Maybe I’m too old or stubborn to care. Maybe I’ve been conned one time too many. Who knows.

BUT………. make no mistake, I fully support any person that feels they need to isolate themselves, take precautions, see a doctor, go to hospital, or just avoid people. If I was scared, I wouldn’t want anyone giving me shit about it. Simple as that. I respect people’s opinion, even if I don’t share the same.

And those people are YOU!

Dillon, Bree, Jodie, Des, Trev, Teena, Kylie, Noel, Carol, Bec, Shane, Darryl, Dickie Knees, Annette, Simo, Viv, Terry, Shagga, Leesa, Kevin, Matty, Jules…… and the list goes on…..

I could march us ahead full steam. Who knows, maybe even get the govt to sit back and watch us get people out of this funk.

But what if just a few of you weren’t keen to go for it?

I fully understand that we are all different people. We have different families, different lives, different goals…. Yes, we share something awesome, as we all have Drag Racing in our blood and souls.  However, I don’t want my drive to push the envelope and possibly leave us all at odds.

I suspect many of you are considering hunkering down for a bit. I think that is very reasonable – from any of you.

It takes a MASSIVE, concerted effort from ALL of the players above to get our drag meets past the tree. I don’t do anything half-assed, and I would not want to charge ahead and take on the task of running a meet unarmed, or by staff that were not 100% comfortable in being there.


Please talk to your partner, your kids, fellow racers, your parents, yourself….and ME.  Tell me your thoughts.

Have no fear if they don’t align with mine. The point of this thread is to know where YOU all stand, so that I can support YOU!


And to be clear, this last meet was successful, and the club is NOT in dire straights. It would be well within our ability to hunker down for a little while without going bust. It could even be a good opportunity to make some continued improvements around the place until we can get back into it. Any decision made will be very carefully worded for announcement purposes, and our marketing efforts will be carefully shaped to get us back in action quickly if we do decide to “Hibernate” for a while.


Please share this around a bit, particularly to your racing friends and family. The Staff, Racers, Crews, Club Members and Spectators thoughts on the subject are paramount.


Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Mike Gawley

2020 CQDRA President



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Please see the link, or click on the file. Drag Racing is being temporarily paused until the coast is clear.




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Topic starter Posted : 24/03/2020 1:44 pm
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Ok finally got it working 

from what I understand from tonight’s mews that any gatherings in or outside can’t have more than 10 people so I don’t think we will be able to get around it at all. 
we are all feeling down about this as looking forward to next meet. 
not sure if it is a lot of hype but can’t risk it. I have one child with type 1 diabetes which is an autoimmune he also is asthmatic as are my other children and my husband and I also have autoimmune issues so really are in a high risk category from the sounds of it 😢

Posted : 24/03/2020 9:17 pm
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I will go along with the Gov. on this one. Cancel next meet. We all have to pull in the same direction.

That’s 2 mths till next one. Maybe become clearer by then. 


Posted : 24/03/2020 9:29 pm
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I just want to personally thank you for organising this last race meeting, with this Corona virus putting a damper on things abd all the other hiccups, we still got to get some passes in.

All in all I’m  keen to keep racing when ever possible as long as it’s within the new guidelines imposed by the govt. 


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Posted : 24/03/2020 9:34 pm
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         In my opinion its a no brainer,

i have no problems playing my part in reducing social contact if it helps my grandmother or any other elderly person or an at risk young person in avoiding what is going on.

Its a small price to pay for us to give up some race meetings, remember this is a hobby.

I think the club like any business should be socially responsible in its actions and advertising.

Feel free to ring me if you want to discuss my opinions



Posted : 25/03/2020 8:12 am