Proudly sponsored by Carman Civil Pty Ltd

Bracket Rules:
- As long as the bike is plated pre Dec 31 1985 it can be raced in this bracket at Benaraby Dragway
- Bike must pass CQDRA scrutineering, and Tech inspection if required by ANDRA*
- CQDRA and ANDRA licensing and rules apply
- This bracket will run over 3 or 4 meets in 2023 – the last will also be the bracket final: DATES - TBA.
- If you are running two bikes, two classes etc full nomination fees apply for both
- Lane choice will go to the quicker qualified bike
- Each round will be the CQDRA Chicago shoot out format see:
- Each race will use the Shotgun seeding see:
- Each round prize money and trophy will be awarded to:
Round Winner = $200
Round Runner Up = $100
Round Racer closest to their dial-in in eliminations = $50 (not including final)
- Each round points will be awarded as follows:
4 points for pre-nominating online and prepaying**
2 points for pre-nominating online and paying on race day**
1 point for each race loss
2 points for each race win
2 points for three race wins (if not making it to the finals)
5 points for a round final Winner
3 points for a round final Runner-up
- After the final round, Bracket Prize money and trophies will be awarded to both the bracket points winner $225 and runner-up $125. In the event of a points draw between bracket winner and runner-up, the win will be awarded to the racer closest to their dial-in during any race in the final round.
* Please contact us on this page to query about or arrange any ANDRA tech inspection if required. These are best sorted before the race meets if possible.
** Pre-nominate online(fully paid) prior to 5pm THE SUNDAY BEFORE each round and receive 4 bonus bracket points and save yourself from the $30. Late Fee.